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  • Sophia J

BTS’s Jimin Is Announced as Dior’s New Global Ambassador

The K-chaos continued at Friday’s Dior show, with newly crowned global ambassador Park Jimin drawing thousands to Paris’ Place de la Concorde ahead of Kim Jones’ latest collection.

On his Instagram page, the singer posted pictures of him looking suave in his greige suit that he paired with a light brown turtleneck alongside Pattinson as well as football star David Beckham and his son Cruz, and Dior Men’s artistic director Kim Jones.

Jimin was chosen as the luxury fashion house's new ambassador as he "exemplifies the timeless spirit and singularity of Dior as he continues a bond created in 2019 with Kim Jones, who designed @BTS_BigHit stage looks, and solidifies his friendship with the House."

Pattinson also made the rounds online after the fashion event, where he sported a fuzzy brown fleece and a blue tweed skirt.

"It's very, very easy to fall into that pattern as well, even if you’re just watching your calorie intake, it’s extraordinarily addictive—and you don’t quite realize how insidious it is until it’s too late," he said.


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