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  • Melissa Rose

VTMNS, Your modernised shapes of a perfect wardrobe

Greatest of all time

VTMNS's new collection is “greatest of all-time” classic clothing archetypes – perfected! Guram Gvasalia launched the Vetements offshoot VTMNTS going on two years ago, as an all-genders collection with a strong foundation in tailoring and more than a whiff of the provocative Vetements attitude.

No gimmicks, no hidden agenda or messages, no shock, no overthinking. Just clothes that you hand is reaching for when you want to look and feel good. A cool pair of western boots, a perfect pair of jeans, leather jacket or even a classic shirt – all iconic patterns are fully redesigned for a modern fit with a graphic silhouette and use of progressive materials to give a new feel for the all-time classics. Clothing with no strings attached.

Fashion is at its strength when it transcends the social media and pages of the magazines into real life and becomes actual clothes that people wear. These clothes accompany people on their life journeys and become a part of their experience. An outfit that you wear to your first date, to a job interview or to a concert of your favourite artist… Through the experiences these pieces become a part of who you are, the connection with them create a special bond, the special kind of energy. We all have that piece we always lean towards when we want to feel the best! I wanted this collection to consist of this kind of pieces only.

When you want to create unisex clothes, you need to fit the same pieces on models from different genders, and adapt patterns accordingly, to come to a balanced fit, that will work on everyone. I work with boards on which we put the fitting pictures. When working on this collection, we would put the same looks fitted on 2 of our local fitting models next to each other. When I saw the outcome of the collection on the boards, I knew that this how we need to shoot it and present it. We took our 2 in- house fitting models, refuse to build a set, or take hair and make-up teams, we just stripped everything down to the essentials, to the clothes.


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