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SIYI, Let you SEE China, Let China SEE you

SIYI Magazine is US’s 1st digital fashion magazine specialized targeted for Asian-Americans and aspiring global Chinese community.

Founded in New York, SIYI Magazine is a worldwide independent magazine of United States origin that offers a mix of fashion and culture content, together with entertainment, music and lifestyle.  In 2021, SIYI began to expand its journey to China local market. The China Version cooperated with Chinese variety shows Chuang 2021, Rap for Youth to feature popular Chinese idols and top rappers. In 2022, SIYI’s celebrity covers collaborated China’s famous actors/actress from annually the most popular China TV show, such as Li Daikun(Word of Honor), Tong Mengshi(Joy of Life),etc. Working with the world's pre-eminent photographers, stylists, and designers, and with culture elements and creativity, SIYI China has quickly established a solid core of readers in China.



173 Varick Street, New York, USA


No. 85 Nan An Road,  Jin Shan District, Shanghai, China

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