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  • Laura Carrick

5 Haunted Hotels in America to Visit

Each hotel has a rich history of its own, but some are more haunting than others. From mysterious deaths to ghostly hotel employees that never left their work, you never know what you may encounter during your stay. If you're a fan of ghost stories, then these haunted hotels might be the place for you.

The Hollywood Roosevelt

Located on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the heart of Los Angeles, The Hollywood Roosevelt dates back to Old Hollywood. The hotel's prime location has made it host to icons and stars like Marilyn Monroe, whose ghost is said to have appeared in mirrors at the hotel. Hollywoods star-studded and haunting past line the walls of The Hollywood Roosevelt, and if you're intrigued, it might be worth a visit.

The Cecil Hotel

The Cecil Hotel is one of L.A.'s most chillingly haunting buildings. Established in the early 1920s, the hotel has become a graveyard for 16 deaths. The Cecil Hotel also has ties to one of the most famous American murder mysteries, The Black Dhalia a.k.a. actress Elizabeth Short who allegedly stayed in the hotel a few days prior to her death. The Cecil Hotel was renamed in 2011 to Stay on Main, in an attempt to rebrand and step away from The Cecil's dark past.

The Stanley

The Stanley was the inspiration behind Stephen King's Overlook Hotel in his bestselling novel, The Shining. If you've seen the film, then you'll know exactly why this hotel has made a ghostly name for itself. From paranormal phenomena to ghost stories, The Stanley Hotel might be the best place for a good scare.

Jekyll Island Resort

Hotel guests aren't the only ones staying at the Jekyll Island Resort. Ghosts and guests have been known to enjoy their stay side by side, and spirits are not afraid to take a sip of your coffee in the mornings. The most prominent ghost that haunts the resort is a founding member of the Jekyll Island Club, General Lloyd Aspinwall, who reportedly has been spotted walking the Riverfront Veranda named after the General himself.

Hotel Monteleone

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, Hotel Monteleone is known for its haunted history. Through generations of guests and staff, reports of ghosts have been a regular occurrence. Among the ghosts that line the halls of Hotel Monteleone are a man named William "Red" Wildemere, who died inside the hotel, and a toddler named Maurice Bergere. The spirits you encounter during your stay might be friendly, but the chilling feeling never leaves.



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