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  • Sophia J

BTS’s J-Hope Debuts Trailer for Upcoming Disney+ Documentary J-Hope in the Box

J-Hope's Disney+ documentary, J-Hope in the Box, has released its first teaser trailer. The beloved member of BTS is giving fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek before the film's release on February 17.

The star released his first solo album, Jack In The Box, in July 2022, followed by a vinyl version in December. The album received critical acclaim from the likes of NME and Rolling Stone and landed in the Albums Of The Year lists of those publications and others.

J-hope’s film precedes another confirmed documentary from Disney+ about BTS as a whole. BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star will take the form of a docuseries and will feature “unprecedented access” to an archive of music and video footage of the band’s last nine years and will also follow the seven members “as they prepare for their second chapter.”


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