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  • Jordan Jay

Inside China’s Burgeoning Streetwear Scene

Randomevent is a ready-to-wear brand-concept store, now stocked in 23 cities in China, including Beijing, Changsha, Hangzhou, and Shanghai, as well as in the boutique Stream in Milan and Alumniofny in New York. Since the 2012 launch, each collection has become the epitome of China’s artistic streetwear scene.

“We draw inspiration from 1990s popular culture, focusing on the youth perspective of design, art, and culture, while innovating and challenging those existing aesthetics,” Hong explained to Jing Collabs & Drops.

Gen Z is the demographic driving China’s position as the world’s second leading luxury consumer, and Randomevent is a hotspot for connecting to them. Boasting almost 1.41 million followers on Taobao, over 710k on Tmall and more than 251k on Weibo, the brand’s a hit among China’s youth. Hong states that most of Randomevent’s consumers are aged between 18 to 25 — a category that he describes as “willing to optimize their styling choices because of social media.”

Conceptually, “Randomevent” refers to the transitional nature of life, acknowledging how we are always in a state of change. “In response to these changes, we hope to provide a positive outlook and attitude towards life,” said Hong, outlining that the intrinsic value of Randomevent is to impact others with positive ideas and above all, innovation. “We hope to open stores overseas and share our brand stories with more and more people.”

Armed with a failsafe collaboration strategy and distinct brand image, we expect these might just be accomplishments of the very near future.


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