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  • Ailee Li

To Meet Gen Z's New Favorite Chinese Rappers

In 2017, Rap and hip-hop became a hit practically overnight with the Rap of China, the streaming platform iQIYI’s TV rap competition show. And as the show gained huge popularity, many rappers became huge stars. However, six years passed, the music market is undergoing a big shuffle. Now many young and new rappers has gained huge popularity.

When you use google search the most popular Chinese rappers, it's a pity that the list are very outdated. Especially from 2020, when Gen Z and millenials take the market, the rappers they love are already changed. Therefore, SIYI China give you an insight from the real China. Let us meet those Chinese rappers who are supported and loved by Gen Z.

Zeng Hanjiang 曾涵江

Weibo followers: 600K+

He is also known as Cup. Hanjiang was born in 2000 in Sichuan Province China. After took part in the variety show, CHUNAG 2021, which is Korean Produce 101’s China version, he walked on the front stage from an underground rapper. His music includes Poikilotherm(冷血动物),Bird(鸟), etc.2021MLB China Ambassador.

Liao Xiaonong 廖效浓

Weibo Followers: 1,500K+

Rapper and record producer, born in 1998, one of representative rappers from Guangdong province. He had hundreds of thousand followers before 2020, and after took part in the variety show Listen Up, his followers surpassed 1,000K. His music includes Jiangnan West(江南西), Baby what you want, KillerNong, etc.

Zhang Yicheng 张毅成

Weibo Followers: 600K+

Born in 1999, he is also known for Subs. In 2020, took part in the variety show Rap for Youth and won 2nd Prize. His music Picture(画) gained 2 millions+ views and made a great influence in China. His music also includes melody remixs, winter comes, etc.

Chen Zhengyu 陈峥宇

Weibo Followers: 800K+

Born in 1992, known as his artist name Xiao Jingling(小精灵). At the beginning, some people don't understand his music and sound. However, they appreciate his talent after variety show Rap for Youth in 2020. Some fans call him "wife" in a humorous way because he is cute and kind, yet we prefer to describe him as a real cool man who insists on his music typecharacteristics. His music includes Escape from the Planet(逃离这个星球), Dancing Quasimodo(起舞的卡西莫多)

Zhang Siyuan 张思源

Weibo Followers: 550k+

Rapper and song writer. Member of Free-Out. In 2018, released the song, Sing for the foreigner (给陌生的你听) and got lots of attention. In 2021, took part in the variety show Youth with You. besides rap, he is great at writing love songs. The music includes get you like(讨喜), tell me what you want, etc.

Zuo Yuanjie 左元杰

Weibo Followers: 1,200k+

Known as Kc. Member of Free-out. Born in 1995 in Guangdong Province. Rap career began from 2009. Four times of Shanghai Iron Mic Battle King. Got 3rd prize in the variety show Listen up in 2020. His music includes Neon Hotel(霓虹旅店), common(普普通通), etc.


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