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Get To Know SIYI China's public-welfare Issue Cover Star Xu Jiaqi

In 2023, SIYI China and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation Bona Villa launched a charitable campaign together with the vision of Let the world see the beauty of China. The campaign invited Chinese female pop singer, dancer and actress Xu Jiaqi as the public welfare experience officer of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation Bona Villa. She came to Bona Villa Huanggang Village in Liping County, Guizhou Province, which is the oldest, most traditional and best-preserved Dong village. She experienced the Dong culture and helped promote the development and revitalization of Chinese rural areas.

Located in the mountainous area in southwest China, and under jurisdiction of Guizhou, Hunan and Guangxi Province, there are many ancient villages with drum towers, flower bridges, and Diao Jiao Lou as landmarks. These villages are called Dong villages, and this ethnic group is called Dong nationality. The Dong nationality is a growing nationality. The Dong people have always believed that songs are a way to remember and appreciate their origins. To some degree, music and architecture have witnessed the growth of the Dong people.

Huanggang Village, first built in the Song Dynasty, has a history of more than 800 years. More than 300 households and 1,600 people are living here. The Dong culture and customs are well-preserved here, and people there still live their life in a primitive way from generation to generation. Everyone is very friendly and enthusiastic. They welcome visitors from all over the world to be guests of the village.

Xu Jiaqi walked in Huanggang Village to see the scenery and ate local food. She communicated with people there, and when she met a Dong grandma who couldn't speak Mandarin, she even learned Dong dialect to praise grandma. At the beginning, SIYI China team members were a little worried that the environment of Huanggang Village was too primitive. It might not be used to artists who are used to living in five-star hotels in big cities. However, Xu Jiaqi has integrated into this small village very well. She experienced everything here with her curiosity. Because of her sincerity, people treat her as a younger sister instead of an artist who came to take photos.

This year is Xu Jiaqi's eleventh year as an artist. Those who know some of her stories might know that she was not known to the public all at once. The spotlight that belongs to her is slowly shining on her after countless days and nights of hard work. Her star journey started from loving dancing. She went to Shanghai to learn dancing alone when she was a young girl. Then she had an opportunity to join SNH48. Later she debuted as 7SENSES, then became a member of the limited group THE9, and starred in the TV series " The moon is clear and the flowers are blooming". As an artist with multiple developments, her work has become busier in recent years. Song releases, stage performances, and television appearances went hand in hand with her. For Xu Jiaqi, there is no distinction between job opportunities, and every time she is given an opportunity, she has always gone all out to seize it. Every step she takes counts.

The Dong nationality has three treasures: Drum Tower, Da Ge, Wind and Rain Bridge. Known as "the oldest acapella in the world", the Dong nationality's Da Ge are folk songs from the Dong ethnic minority that imitate the natural world, such as the babbling of a brook, the whooshing of the wind or the chirping of birds. Coming from the heart, they foster harmony between humankind and nature. Da Ge songs are a direct expression of this culture — they narrate daily life, convey feelings, and promote moral values. This time, several members of the Huanggang Village Dong Nationality Song Performance Team also let Xu Jiaqi feel the charm of the Da Ge. The girls also prepared traditional Dong costumes for her. Everyone sang happily together.

For Xu Jiaqi, to become an excellent artist, she feels that the most important thing is "not forgetting the original intention, maintaining enthusiasm, and being grateful". She is independent, hard-working and always know what she should do. She is neither arrogant nor impatient, and seems to always full of positive energy. We believe that such a brave girl can reach as far as she wants in the future.

To read SIYI China’ full interview with Xu Jiaqi, purchase the public-welfare Issue at SIYI China's Wei Dian APP.


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