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SIYI CHINA Autumn 2023 Issue (Cover: Liu Jun)

Choreographer, dancer and singer Liu Jun takes the cover of SIYI China Magazine's Autumn 2023 edition. This issue, he went to Xishan Island, Suzhou, the largest island in China's inner lakes. At the same time, Liu Jun serves as the Yuanmeng Charity officer of the Beijing Yuanmeng Charity Foundation to support Chinese public welfare undertakings and help more abducted children reunite with their families.

Xishan Island is located more than 40 kilometers southwest of the ancient town of Suzhou. As known as Wuzhong Taoyuan many years ago, Xishan Island has a long history of humanities and gorgeous legends. Liu Jun had the wonderful experience of living in the Xishan Carved Building, which is a part of Suzhou garden and a treasure of Chinese culture and art. Construction on the buildings began in the Kangxi period of the Qing dynasty. After four dynasties of construction, it is now the oldest existing carved building in Suzhou. With the ingenuity of brick carvings, wood carvings, stone carvings, etc., it captures the elegance and romance of ancient Chinese architecture.

In 2021, Liu Jun participated as a trainee in iQIYI's Chinese male group competition show Youth With You Season 3. He made a strong impression with his choreography of " Grow Up With High Pressure". Using dance to express emotions, speak up for others, and have conversation with the world is what Liu Jun has been trying to do as a dancer and choreographer. In 2023, Liu Jun released his first song, Prezzie and then Moon Face from his EP. Prezzie is a place where you can exchange your worries for everything you like, while Moon Face is a beautiful moment where you can enjoy fantasy and build your own space. His songs carry his own personality and characteristics, with harmonious rhythms, rich emotions and dreamy colors.

Liu Jun also went to Tangli Village in Xishan Island. Confucianism makes people calm in the world, Taoism makes people calm in nature, and Buddhism makes people calm in retribution. This is the cultural concept of Tangli Village. The village gradually came into being after a large family of Xu’s settling down in late Song dynasty. The cross-shaped street is paved with long bricks, presenting a neat look and reflects the awareness and aesthetic concepts of people living there.

As an artist, Liu Jun has always hoped to be a person who can bring positive energy to his followers and the society. This time, he participated in the public welfare project launched by Beijing Yuanmeng Charity Foundation to help abducted children reunite with their families as Yuanmeng Charity Officer. Beijing Yuanmeng Charity Foundation has helped more than 40,000 families reunite until 2023. Liu Jun wish to let more people pay attention to this group of people.

Liu Jun has always maintained a humble attitude and clear self-awareness in his career. Rather than looking forward to the future, he prefers to live in the present, concentrate on what he wants to do now, and strive to leave no regrets. When you work with him, you will be infected. You will be infected by his positive and high-spirited attitude that he always maintains, and you will be surrounded by his energy.

To read SIYI China’s full interview with Liu Jun, purchase the Autumn Issue at SIYI China's Wei Dian APP.


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