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  • Melissa Rose

Giorgio Armani Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2024 Milan

Giorgio Armani's Spring Summer 2024 collection, titled "Vibes," marked the concluding big show of Milan Fashion Week. The sunlit day saw Armani holding three performances of this collection to accommodate all the editors and clients in attendance. The event was highly anticipated, with crowds gathered outside the venue, hoping to spot famous guests arriving.

The collection featured models with late '20s-style finger wave hairstyles, reminiscent of Madonna's '90s revival. It was showcased against a projected backdrop of cloudily diffuse waves of color, with the looks often adorned with wave-inspired motifs. Belts made of two or three strips of leather, cut to curve against or alongside each other, cinched many of the outfits.

The colour palette was taken from precious stones, and just like the elegant embroidery, felt refined and understated.

“I think that there is both a need and a desire in fashion for a new clean, calm and light-hearted approach. After years of loud trends, this collection fits into the general mood in its own way, with very subtle vibrations and unexpected colours taken from precious stones – purple, amethyst and green – or metals – bronze and silver. Along with white to permeate the evenings.”

Everything vibrates: Colors, emotions, and clothes. This season the vibrationsbecome visible: They cover entire surfaces in undulating movements, inrippled weaves, and they expand the chromatic range.The shapes follow the body and the movement: liquid jackets, soft trousers with always low heels, while the large bags are crossed by other undulations. Coherent and continuous by definition, Giorgio Armani's visionis that elegance and lively femininity seem not to change and yet are different every time.


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