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  • Melissa Rose


Protagonists of the images are LOEWE ambassadors Josh O ́Connor and Stéphane Bak, just as much as the Amazona 15, the Puzzle and the Fold Shopper are central to the still life compositions: subjects that draw in, activating a narrative that’s hidden in the shadows and what’s not immediately apparent.

In the still lives, the way William Nicholson played with everyday objects, with lights, distortions and reflections comes to the fore as antique objects and contemporary sculptures in age-worn marble or delicately molded wax dialogue with the expert craftsmanship of LOEWE items.

The work of George Platt Lynes, his deft use of lighting, proclivity for the surreal and ability to charge a pose or a gaze with intense erotic tension echoes in the fashion plates. Josh O ́Connor and Stéphane Bak lay on a bed, sit on a chair, recline on a wooden plank or emerge from a black stage as they were stranded on a beach.

Eyes dreamy, pensive, or fixed on something one does not see, they invite the viewer to enter their thoughts, delving beyond the physical into the psychological, celebrating the power of photography to both represent reality and ignite imagination.

The universe that Jonathan Anderson is building at Loewe is as vast as it is unique. Full of references to art, the new addition to the brand's visual repertoire comes from photographer David Sims, who captures the Spring/Summer 2023 menswear campaign, featuring actors Josh O'Connor and Stéphane Bak with a surreal and delicate discourse that invites the viewer to immerse themselves in the oneiric story that has become the brand's signature.


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