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  • Jordan Jay

Gucci Fall Winter 2023 Men's Collection

The Gucci FaII Winter 2023 Men’s Collection announces a new era for the House.

Crafted by an in-house team, it is the first collection since Alessandro Michele’s departure last November and Gucci’s first menswear show in three years.

The show took place in a dimly lit circular theatre, where Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog performed a special musical composition. This live performance shaped the rhythm of the show, reflecting the energies of the collection. The circular formation of the stage was a symbolic of the creative community at the heart of Gucci.

From this beginning unfolded a collection that Gucci said in its notes was an act of improvisation, a freestyle “reflection of the individualities represented by the multifaceted creatives and craftsmen who inhabit the house of Gucci.” In truth this was a rhetorically adroit euphemism for a crowd-designed collection which—boots and beanies apart—lacked overall coherence, yet featured some highly expressive moments. After the opener we drifted into a section of volumized tailoring which was possibly purposefully banal.

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