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  • Sophia J

NCT DREAM’s Special Winter Album Candy

For NCT DREAM’s special winter album Candy, the septet reinterpreted the classic K-pop song of the same name for its title track single. “Candy” was originally released in 1996 by the five-member boy band H.O.T., credited as the first “idol” group in Korea’s music industry and setting the formula still used today. From their debut track “Age of Violence” tackling school bullying, H.O.T. released music that acted as social critique, but it was their saccharine single “Candy” that became the band’s breakout hit. The group disbanded in 2001, but “Candy” is considered a quintessential track in any K-popprimer.

Now, more than 25 years after H.O.T. released “Candy” under SM Entertainment, the K-pop super label brings back the bubblegum classic with its youngest boy group, NCT DREAM. The ’90 track is a perfect fit for the bouncy, youthful energy DREAM brings into their music with the track reinterpreted with a slightly updated arrangement. The accompanying music video has a glossy look that K-pop is known for today but pays tribute to H.O.T.’s original visual for “Candy” with the fashion (like Jeno’s very fuzzy, very ’90s yellow hat) and the sets (including filming in an amusement park just like the original).


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