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  • Amy Darwin

Just in Time for Your Colorful Spring Fashion Inspiration

Though we are still in the middle of the winter season, it's never too early to start planning for your spring wardrobe. From the typical floral prints to bold colors to sheer fabrics, there's another piece to add to the spring inspiration board: colored tights. Colored tights, though controversial and notoriously hard to style, never really seem to leave us. From the runway to street style to even showing up on TikTok, nothing stops them from popping up.

A few designers worked the garment into their Spring/Summer 2023 collections. Ferragamo embraced monochromatic pieces; Prabal Gurung put out models in red latex stockings; Victoria Beckham kept it chic with simple silhouettes layered atop the colored ensemble. Colored tights being in for the spring season shouldn't come as too much of a shock, considering the popularity of balletcore and Barbie pink. Throughout 2022, endless celebrities were spotted decked in Valentino's bright pink colored tights—which were first introduced during the Fall/Winter 2022 season. It's already been proven that when styled right, colored tights can be a major eye-catching piece.

Monochromatic outfits are wonderful for two reasons: they are always easy to put together and they always look incredibly chic. If you have a pair of colored tights in an easy shade to match, try extending that color to your entire look. Either match the shade exactly or try playing around with different tones and textures. Reds, greens, or blues may work especially well, as most people tend to have at least one of these colors stocked up.

Colored tights were all the rage in the neon-soaked '70s and '80s. If you are bringing back the stockings, you might as well go full retro. Pull out your shoulder pads or mod mini dress and pair the tights with their most iconic counterparts. A touch of modern styling will stop your outfit from looking too costumey.

If you enjoy colored tights, but don't want them to overpower your outfit or frame, try making them a more subtle aspect of your look. Cover up loud tights with a long skirt or jacket. Alternatively, choose a muted tone, something close to your skin color or a more sheer fabric that lessens the impact of a bright shade. It's easy to let your clothes wear you, instead of the other way around. These tips should lessen that concern.


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