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  • Jordan Jay

Doja Cat Covered Her Entire Body in 30,000 Swarovski Crystals

Doja Cat is never shy to experiment with her music or her style, and she made no exception at Schiaparelli's latest haute couture outing.

Daniel Roseberry kicked off the Spring 2023 haute couture shows in Paris. As expected, many of the industry's A-listers took to the front row in their very best Schiaparelli — I mean, this is a couture show, after all.

In line with the theme of the collection, which was inspired by Dante Alighieri's "Inferno," the 27-year-old musician wore a fiery crimson bustier and knee-length skirt, accessorized with matching knee-high boots and gold earrings. But that wasn't all: She went above and beyond with her glam, sporting 30,000 custom, hand-applied Swarovski crystals all over her face and body, courtesy of by Pat McGrath.

Makeup artist Pat McGrath, who was responsible for Doja's crystal-embellished body art, shared an Instagram reel of the final result. "It was an honor to collaborate with the incredibly gifted @DojaCat and @DanielRoseberry on the ‘Doja’s Inferno’ look for @Schiaparelli’s Haute Couture collection," McGrath wrote in the caption. "Doja’s patience and commitment during the 4 hours and 58 minutes it took to create the look with #TeamPatMcGrath and I, which was covered in over 30,000 hand-applied @swarovski Crystals, was truly inspiring. The final product was a magical, mesmerizing masterpiece and a tribute to Doja Cat’s hard work and dedication."


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