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  • Kathy Emerick

H&M’s Innovation Metaverse Design Story Collection

The latest showcase is H&M Innovation Metaverse Design Story Collection – where fashion transcends the future.

The Metaverse Design Story collection is the latest addition to H&M's ongoing innovation stories. As the boundaries between online and offline life continue to blur, our design team combines the craftmanship of high fashion with fantasy worlds and virtual reality. The result is a collection starring both physical ready-to-wear garments and digital garments, co-designed and crafted by the Institute of Digital Fashion.

The collection is inspired by the metaverse –– a place where fashion can be enjoyed unencumbered by the laws of gravity or societal expectations. At the same time, the tactile beauty of the natural world serves as a reference point, with pieces inspired by satellite images of planet Earth, microscopic cells and vibrant wildflowers.

Menswear highlights include a forest-green faux fur coat inspired by landscapes from above, an oversized bomber jacket adorned with intricate beading, and a pair of extravagant ribbon-ruched pants and a matching suit in emerald-green velvet. For after-dark, one top features a boned corset-waist with lace-up ties at the shoulders, and another style glistens all over with recycled glass beads. Aside from the jewelry, accessories include a pair of amphibian-like sneakers and an embellished cap to coordinate with the bomber jacket.


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