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  • Syahira Bird

SHEIN’s 2022 Holiday Collection is available

We’d say December is the perfect month to switch up your wardrobe. Not only is it the holiday season, but it’s New Year’s as well – what more reasons do you need to update your style game, right? For baddies on a tight budget, SHEIN is the gateway for fantastic fashion that is affordable, while still making you look the chicest at any party.

If you’re stuck for ideas on what to add to your closet to up your fashion game, SHEIN’s gotchu again. Here are 5 different styles to consider when dressing for the holidays with SHEIN’s most fashionable garments!

60’s fashion was bold, loud and eccentric – perfect for this year’s holiday season. Combining different colours, textures and prints will make you stand out immediately. SHEIN’s 2022 Holiday Collection features a wide range of 60’s aesthetics, including hippie, Mod, youthquake (spirited, sexy, pop culture-inspired styles), and rock glamour.

SHEIN’s 2022 Holiday Collection is available now on SHEIN’s website


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